Fire Protection Devices In Your Home

Keeping safe during fire season in Australia is extremely important, and having the right measures in place is essential. In general, keeping safe in case of natural fire disasters and accidental fires is important. There are many ways to be fire ready and most people will have a general understanding on the subject, however it’s also vital that you have the right technology to assist your protection.

Most people will have a smoke alarm in their home, but there’s a difference between smoke alarms, and the other term ‘smoke detector’.

  • A smoke alarm is a singular unit that detect the presence of smoke, and has an inbuilt audio component.
  • A smoke detector works in the same way as the smoke alarm, however it needs to be connected to an additional ‘alarm system’ that can product the audio reaction.

Smoke alarm in a smoky room

When you have smoke alarm installed in your home you need to make sure it works appropriately after installation.  You should also make sure you regularly check to ensure that the alarm still works, and change the batteries about once a year.


Thermal/ Heat Detector:

Another fire protection device is the heat detector, this device is used in addition to smoke alarms or detectors. By itself the heat detector works by reacting to temperature, rather than smoke, as it has a thermal lag.  There are two types of heat detectors you can choose from, either the fixed temperature, or rate-of-rise heat detector.

Fixed Temperature Detector:

Your fixed rate detector will kick into action when the temperature reaches a per-determined heat level.

Rate-Of-Rise Heat Detector:

A Rate-Of-Rise Heat Detector will be awakened when the surrounding heat increases of a certain time according to the temperature that’s originally set , or greater.

heat detector

If you’re unsure about what’s best when it comes to heat detectors and smoke alarm systems, a professional will always advise on the way of caution, meaning that your best solution is always maximum protection. However most people will only utilise the smoke alarm or smoke detector rather than go to the effort of installing an additional heat detector.

What you must remember however is that you should always have a smoke alarm system enabled, at the least you should have a smoke alarm. It’s up to your personal preference when it comes to adding in the heat protector, there is certainly no way you can be too careful when it comes to fire safety.

In the hot Australian summers there is no excuse when it comes to preparing fire safety plans and having all the right fire safety devices. You don’t want to face disaster due to lack of prevention and caution. If you’re unsure whether you’re fire safety devices are working and in healthy shape, you can contact your local electrician for a check up. Or if you want a new alarm or detector installed, electricians will help with this also.

You can contact Electrician Manly- Maytek Electrical Contracting for any repairs or assistance with your smoke alarm systems.

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