Pet Doors and What You Need To Know

Are you thinking about installing a pet door? Is your cat or dog becoming a nuisance with their constant change of mind, inside, then outside?

If you’re thinking about investing in a pet door for your home then it’s important  you select a choice that will best suit your property and animal. Although most people like to think it’s a simple process that’s not always the case.

With the modern technological advances you’ll be surprised to find there are lot of different pet doors available, and if you want to invest in one that’s durable, it’s worth investigating a little deeper.

Pet Type and Door Size:

Unfortunately you can’t simply buy a pet door off the shelf without consideration to the type of animal you have, and the size of the pet door. If you’re buying one that’s to be used by more than one animal then you need to ensure that its both long enough in height, as well as wide enough in terms of width. However you’ll need to weigh up the possibility that your smaller pet may not be able to use the same door as the larger one, so just make sure you measure up everything correctly.

Fortunately there are many sizes created in pet doors, and also unique cat or dog types, you should be able to find one off the shelf that will be suitable in size. However if you’re thinking of getting a pet door custom made then make sure you measure accurately.



When you’re looking for a round price for pet door you’re not really in luck, as there is quite an extensive range available. Depending on the brand you choose to select or look at, you’ll find there is differing prices attached, sometimes quite different. If you’re looking at a basic manual pet door then you’re going to be looking at more affordable, lower figures. However not everyone will like the functioning of the manual pet door, which will leave you to go into a new price range.

Cheaper prices can be in the 50-100 dollar range, while the price creeps up for more high tech pet doors. If you’re happy with the basic manual pet door then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pay lower prices. In terms of brand differences, that’s something that you’ll have to further investigate. People will usually have their own ideas on price and brand variations.



Types Include:

Firstly you need to consider what type of door you’re planning on attaching your pet flap to, as there are different makes depending on the type of door.


  • Glass Doors
  • Wooden Doors
  • Walls
  • Security Doords

Furthermore there are a few different material types that your pet door will come in:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Light Metal

You’ll find that some pet doors will have a magnet type flap which prevents the flap from staying open or getting caught, instead the magnet forces it to correct itself to the middle again. As the magnet is quite strong it will be securely closed.

Commonly pet doors will be manual, meaning the animal pushes it open with their body, however you can also find automatic pet doors. Your automatic pet door is opened with an electronic signal, which is matched to the collar. Due to cost most people will choose the manual pet door, however the automatic allows for better security, preventing other animals from entering your home.

 doggy doorcat

As you can see there are many things to consider when choosing a pet door, not too mention the act of installation, which in itself can be a bit tricky (some people need to organise a professional to install one). Make sure you look all over the internet for advice, and call up pet warehouses for more clues on what door you should select.

You need to ensure you pick a door that won’t cause harm to your animal, be annoying to your family, or be too difficult to install onto your current backyard door. Don’t hesitate to call an expert to install your pet door if it will save ruining your home with wrong measurements. If installed correctly a pet door is well worth the investment for your busy four legged friend.

Tricks of Unclogging a Toilet

Have been been struck with a dreaded blocked toilet? Whenever you can’t get your toilet to flush it’s probably one of the most frustrating issues, let alone one of the least exciting to fix. No one wants to get involved in sewerage plumbing issues, unfortunately  you can’t avoid dealing with issue, as leaving it will create a much worse problem.

In some cases you may need to employ the assistance of a professional plumber.

Firstly you should also make sure you don’t keep flushing in hopes that it will clear, as you’ll only keep filling the bowel with more water. Before fiddling with plumbing it’s always important that you make sure you turn the water supply off, in the case of fixing a clogged toilet you should only need to turn off that of the the toilet. At the back of the toilet you should find the faucet tap in which you simply turn the handle clockwise.


Sometimes the tap might be a bit worn and old so be careful with your force, although you will need a good amount of force to turn it.

Make sure that you keep your bathroom circulating clean air during this process as the odour can be overwhelming and any fumes can have affect on you.

Some Methods:


Using this tried and true method of unclogging a toilet can be an easy solution to a blocked toilet, however a plunger will only work under certain circumstances. If you know the reason for your blockage, and it’s not general degradable muck, a plunger will do little to aid your situation. Objects that have gotten trapped in the piping will not be successfully pulled out with your household plunger.

You can find a plungers at most hardware and plumbing stores, as this is a common item for household plumbing issues. It’s best to get one that is larger and that can create as much suction and pull as possible.

Once you have your plunger make sure you cover the plunger over the entire hole area and in the water. You should push inward into the water and then  pull, making sure you are firmly holding onto water. You should be releasing any blockage over a few pumps, if you can’t notice any changes after that, it’s probably a more serious blockage.

plumbing 1

Wet /Dry Vacuum:

Make sure you set your vacuum to ‘wet’ and suck out all the water in the bowel first. You need to then get some supplies of towels. Place the end of the vacuum hose as far up the drain as you can, at the same time place wet towels around this, in order to create a barrier/seal. Turn on the the vacuum to now suck out any blockage, this should work for any small object that may be stuck.

Plumbing Snake:

Another option is that you can purchase a plumbing snake which will have instructions to pull out any blockage. As these tools are made to clean toilets and drains they are very useful, as well as effective.

plumbing snake

Baking Soda and Vinegar:

If the obstruction within your toilet is degradable then this type of method can certainly work for you. However this method doesn’t always provide immediate results. You will need a whole box of baking soda (maybe more if you want to repeat this method), plus a bottle of vinegar.

Firstly you need to pour the box of baking soda into the bowel and then slowly pour the vinegar in the bowel generously, but make sure the fizz does not get too large. Let the mixture work itself without mixing or disturbing.  You should then add about 2-4 litres of water into the toilet, and then let it sit overnight.


A good number of people who need to clear a blockage in their toilet will go straight to the store and purchase a drain cleaning product. These are chemical based products that can be lethal if misused or inhaled. There are usually a few different drain cleaning products available, so make sure you read all instructions carefully. Some people believe that these chemical based products do more harm than good, however the choice is up to you.

Note: Chemical products won’t work if there is an object stuck in your drain.



These are only some of the ways in which you can tackle a blocked toilet, and many people swear by these methods. It’s always going to be much easier to tackle a blocked toilet if you know why it’s blocked, however this is rare circumstance.