Some Of The Reasons For Bad TV Reception

Having issues with technology is extremely common, and when it’s your television it’s unbearably frustrating! If you’re struggling to get reception on particular channels, or all channels, it’s time to find out why. It’s not always easy detecting the reason for bad reception which is why you need to go through a checklist of different possibilities. Although it’s never easy to determine an issue and sometimes you’ll need an antenna professional.

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Here is a brief list of the types of issues you may be facing when you’re having issues with reception:


Location is one of the most obvious or first things people will suggest if you’re new to the area. Generally speaking the further away from the satellite tower you are, the weaker your reception. What can also affect the signal is if you live within severely uneven land, such as in a valley, or on hill. Buildings next to your home can also cause a similar effect. Reception signals require a clear line of sight which is why your location can definitely affect the clarity, the same law applies for mobile phone reception. You should only really look into the issue of ‘location’ if you’ve just moved into a new home, otherwise nothing should change with your signal.

Upgraded to Digital:

With the recent switch to digital transmission there are a lot of benefits for television owners, but with changes there can sometimes be issues. In most cases the issues are just a part of the process that needs to be effectively communicated and altered by the TV owner. Commonly picture faults can occur because the frequencies between digital and analogue are different, meaning your old antenna set up might not work properly.

Antenna and Structure Deterioration:

One of the hardest issues to detect without qualifications in the antenna industry is whether your antenna is actually faulty or the structure and wiring is worn out. If you have had your antenna for more than approximately 9 years then it can begin to have natural wear and tear issues. Not many people know when they should replace antennas and their life expectancy, which is why you should clear this up with your antenna provider.


Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions also have a bearing on the signal strength of your antenna, which can cause reception issues. In most cases weather isn’t a long term issue for people, as most antennas are built to work effectively during most climate changes. Usually the the signal issues and reception will clear up as the weather tones down, it’s no need for concern.

Changed Circumstances:

Many people won’t realise that their actions or structure changes within a house can be the reason for reception issues. However it’s important to look at what’s changed since you’re reception has been affected, such as any electrical work. Anything from work on the roof, to extra TV points can cause issues. It’s important to re-think over any environmental changes before you over think the problem.

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Of course with all TV reception issues you should be considering professional assistance from a professional antenna service, as the more complex or structural issues can’t be rectified without an expert.