How to Achieve the Perfect Paint Job Yourself

If you have some spare time on your hands and would like to partake in a productive task, enhancing your surroundings can be achieved by the completion of some small tasks. Painting the walls inside of your home is a great way to jazz up rooms, so if you’re in the mood to paint, listen up!

Whether you would like to change the colour or just liven it up, this task requires a little preparation to ensure that the result is completed to the highest of standards. The first step is to ensure the room is ready for the process, placing old sheets on the carpet will ensure that paint doesn’t splatter on the floor. Scraping away any old paint that’s flaking off, while patching up any areas that have dents in the walls is also essential before beginning to paint.


We recommend removing as much furniture as possible, preferably in the centre of the room fully covered will ensure no paint goes on the area; while also removing the smaller items such as lamps, side tables and decorations. We suggest purchasing painters tape, placing it around ceiling mouldings, door frames and around windows ensuring a perfect finish.

Shopping for the most suitable paint for your home is like being a kid in a lolly store, there are way too many selections and is why we encourage you to ask for help on selecting the right type of paint. We also recommend investing in good quality paint brushes, as this will have an impact on the final result. Also, we advise on purchasing a paint roller, saving you a lot of time, and if you’re painting ceilings, it’s the best way to ensure that all areas have been painted over. Two coats of paint is generally enough to ensure the walls are shiny and appear brand new.


Some Tips:

  • Take Breaks
  • Wrap Brushes in Cling Wrap
  • Use Painters Tape For Best Results
  • Ensure The Windows Are Closed To Prevent Any Moisture From Entering
  • Purchase Brushes That Are Good Quality


If you would prefer to hire a professional to complete the job, contact your nearest painter. Or, if you’re after some help with some basic tasks around the house, contact a handyman today.

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