About Timber Floors

Timber floors not only look incredibly sleek, they’re a long-term investment; made up of various colours, floorboards offer the perfect finish for homes and office spaces. In order for your floor to look presentable, maintaining the timber is a crucial part in achieving the best results. We have a number of ideas to ensure that your floors last a lifetime.


Regardless of how much coating or how hard the timber is, marks and scratches are almost impossible to avoid, however there are ways to reduce the impact.

  • If your floor is being re-coated, the minimum time to wait is 48 hours, just to ensure that everything has dried.
  • When re-arranging furniture, ensure to lift, not drag the items, as the goal is to ensure that no piece is in direct contact with the floorboards.
  • We suggest placing protective pads, especially on items with legs, as this will prevent permanent marks.
  • Asking a professional Installer is highly recommended to assist with the right type of coating, as some of them are more susceptible to scratches.
  • Unlike carpet, dust can be quite noticeable on floorboards, so mopping once a week will remove all of the debris that has built up.



There is much debate in regards to which liquids should be used while mopping, as methylated spirits is known to clean timber surfaces. While some people think that methylated spirits is alright to use, others state that it can disrupt the shine and over time, make your floor look dull and drab. Some household products are incredibly strong and can scratch surfaces, and not all timber floors are the same, so we suggest asking a professional.