Choosing The Right Paint Colour

Procrastinating when it comes to selecting the right colour for your walls is something that many of us are guilty of. From using the excuses of being busy to not finding the right shade, there are many reasons to avoid having to personalise our walls. However, with a little inspiration and some ideas, you’ll be rushing to buy a whole painting kit in no time.

First step is to walk through your home and make a mental note; draw up a basic sketch of each area and assess which regions are visible to what. Selecting a colour for your most congregated area is an instrumental step in achieving the most flawless results. Whether it’s the kitchen or living area, this is a great place to work on the palette of the house.

If you’re someone that finds it difficult to make decisions, choose a soft and neutral colour, like a beige or a grey. If you worry about how this will impact the other rooms, go with the safest choice, white.

Building your own palette with shades of the same hue will enable the decision-making process to be an easy one. Once you have chosen the right shade for the first room, it will then make it a little easier to choose the right colours for the adjacent walls and the surrounding rooms.

While the added help of a professional is something that many of us dream to have, it is cost that prevents us from seeking exterior assistance. Many people find inspiration from a magazine that they may have come across, or a home visited where they loved the colour scheme; rip out pages and take pictures, this will help you perfect the result. If you would like to have a different atmosphere, work on upstairs and downstairs separately; this will enable you to incorporate all of your favourite tones.

Testing out different colours is a great way to see which is best for you; narrow down the favourites then see which best reflects your personality. Remember, if you don’t like the colour, or grow tired of it, there is always room to brush over it.